Removal of pesky CFA sticker on the calculator

Anyone have any bright ideas on how to remove the CFA sticker on your calculator? I’ve tried and its a mess! :frowning: Mine’s a BAII plus.

nah, i rather spend the time studing, when i earn the designation i will just buy a new calcu

CFA sticker on the calculator? Mine doesn’t say CFA… is there something I don’t know? do you now need some sort of CFA Calculator? I have a standard BAII plus

guille, i think he is talking about the sticker they put on yout calculator when you take the exam…

Cool… with all these changing rules… like new document ID,etc… I wouldn’t be surprised if “in order to sit to the exam you have to be wearing a pink dress and a yellow hat”

I’m a big fan of full transparency, especially with my clothing. That being said, I will write the exam wearing a mankini, and a holster for my calculator


put alcohol (preferably ethanol)+water on it then start rubbing. u can find it in ur mouth wash

crotchless panties. Full transparency. -nuff said.