Repair Cost

Just ran into a question below listing the “repair to roof and windows” as a capitlized cost while an example on the Kaplan notes showing “repair and maintenance” as a cost expensed when incurred. So, i am confused now. could anyone help explain why repair cost could be considered as both types? Thank you! Initial cost €35.00 Repairs to roof and windows 2.00 Modifications to interiors 0.50 Total cost €37.5 million

You expense repair and maintenance costs that are recurring and you capitalize the ones that are infrequent.

So, I guess here you have to assume that repairing windows does not happen every year, and therefore you would capitalize the costs

You can/should capitalize any expense that you consider will give you a benefit in the future.

If, for example, you change the windows for a new ones that improve your energy saving; that is an improvement and can be capitalized. It is a very common practice in accountancy

If is an improvement you can capitalized if is a replacement or a small repair is expensed.

I hope this helps

Thank you for your answers! Finally understood this concept now. Thanks!

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