Repeating....Confused With a Study Plan..any help?

Hi, I am sadly repeating this december. i figured out my weakest points are: FI,Equity & Economics(Disastreous)…gotta 2 of them from <50% to >70%. its easier task for the FSA,Ethics,Quant & PM (my background is Engineering so am good with calculation). Derivatives i get it well it justy matter of solving well. same with Corp. Fin. (hating Corp. Gov. part). Alt. Inv. i guess would be least of my prob. (few readings,less points, etc…). one topic is left missing here i think.:S for the june exam i depended solely on Schweser Study notes n i guess i paid the price. so with limited time in hand (100+ days) i figured i would never be able to read the CFAI text. so any guidance regarding what MUST be read through CFAI text n whats not. Also am thinking of getting the QBank Pro ( i only got the Vol.1 Exams, Solved 2 of the 3 n got in the Late 60s% on AVG.) my tolerance would be 3 hours a day MAX ( i get bored n lose concentration afterwards) weekends i might be able to work 2 sessions of 2 hours or so. its added pressure for me as i’ll be taking the exam overseas. so its do or die :S

Economics for dummies may help you. It is faster than reading the cfa text

Dude I will suggest you to read a few chapters of FI from CFA curriculum.Very neatly explained.Since you have studied Schweser once I would suggest you to just read from Scheweser quickly and then go to the CFA Books for the same chapter.This gives you the structure of CFA curriculum and your are able to finish chapters quickly than you think it is possible. I bet you would be able to study for longer than 2 hrs at a stretch unless you are tired.The problem is that Scheweser doesn’t develop your interest and you are not able to concentrate for longer duration. Just try to see if that work for you.

buy red bull … or any type of caffiene or espresso… then mix it up between reading, taking notes, watching videos, if you have them, taking breaks and doing problems