Repeating Level 1ers - Motivation Tip

I failed Level 1 and it took a while to get over the fact that i studied hard and still failed. I decided to pin up a print-out of my results page on the wall right in front of my study desk. I even bolded and increased the font size of the word FAIL to motivate myself! I’d see the damn sheet in front of me when i’d walk into my room and even when my mind would wonder off during studying etc and now i’m a Level 2er toughing it out till June. Good Luck boys and girls…Do whatever you can to motivate yourself if you’re repeating Level1!!!

Oh, by the way, if you have the schweser QBank, DO AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU CAN!! A couple thousand should do the trick :slight_smile:

I made a screenshot of my results and made it my desktop. But I never see it because I have a 12" PowerBook and I keep my windows as large as possible. All the motivation you need is one word: REVENGE