Repeating vs. Resting

What do you suggest people. I know it’s already roughly 1 day left before the exam. Is it better to go through all flashcards, notes, mocks review and doing practice questions, or to relax and forget about preparation?

I’m opting to relax. Letting myself finish a mock that I had been reviewing (roughly ~30 questions) then calling it quits. At most I’ll look over formulas tomorrow morning, but I think it’ll be better to step away than panic over what I don’t know.

That being said, I’m pretty prone to anxiety so that’s what works for me - other people may operate differently.

Skim Ethics, then relax.

Aahmed, S2000magician

Thanks for response guys.

Tomorrow in the evening will go to massage lol and have a rest.

make sure you get the happy ending :slight_smile: