Replacement cost valuation technique

Is Replacement Cost valuation technique mentioned in Level 2 R41 Private Equity Valuation, discussed in detail in the CFA currimulum at all?

As a Level I candidate, why are you asking about the Level II curriculum?

And why here?

  1. I didn’t know L1 candidate can’t talk about L2 topics, or vice versa.

  2. Because I don’t know which level is “replacement cost” discussed in.

Nobody said that a Level I candidate cannot talk about Level II topics.

It’s merely that it’s stupid: with less than two months until the Level I exam, you should be concentrating on passing that exam.

Did you ever figure out the crossover rate question about which you asked, or have you abandoned that?

Check the Level I curriculum:

  • If you find it there, then it’s discussed there.
  • If you don’t find it there, then it’s probably not discussed there.

It’s discussed at Level II. You may have already deduced that.

Whether it’s discussed at Level III doesn’t matter; you have a Level I exam to pass.