Replacing Battery (ti baii)

I’m trying to replace the battery on my ba ii… but I’m having problems I got the 4 screws off, but the back case won’t come off very easily. It doesn’t seem to want to slide either. Does anyone have a tip on this? The manual was not very helpful, but did show a picture of the ba ii professional model with a sliding plastic cover for the battery, just to rub it in.

try banging it a few times against your skull…at least it will alleviate some tension.

it’s kinda tough, I tried using the straight screw driver to prop it open.

force it a little bit, it won’t break. i had to do that too

yep, thanks guys it took a little more force than I wanted to apply, but it eventually came off.

If you have more problems try heating it up a bit;) I advice you to go buy a new one tomorrow, thats the only guarantee you have now, since you’ve tampered with original settings. Results can’t be 100% anymore…thats my opinion.