Reply to Notice of Investigation


I am CFA aspirant and have received an Investigation notice alleging looking around in the examination hall. In the report it is categorically mentioned I have not looked into my fellow candidates paper.

However they are alleging of looking around in the examination hall, I have not done any such thing any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Even giving the appearance of dishonesty is not ok in this day and age, what with the SEC and FSA going after finance professionals.

If multiple people saw you, you probably done it, the proctors are not paid to go after you.

Take it like a man, own up to your f-ups and move on.

Besides, with your current english skill level, there is no chance you will ever pass level 3.

be a honest man, otherwise this program is not for you.

well that escalated quickly

Where did you get that trident from…?

Wang- I counted at least 4 grammatical errors in your post. And here you are critiquing another guy’s use of English. How ironic…