report to the test center 1 hour before?

Before printing the admisson ticket, the “examination policy” said that “we must report to the test center one hour before each session” and " Candidates will not be admitted into the testing room while the instructions are being read". Does any one know when the instructions will be read before the exam? I do not want to arrive that earlier.

15 mins before. You might as well show up then, and risk being locked out of the room…

last time when i took the exam, that one hour rule was very flexible. people were coming in 20 minutes before and the proctor didn’t even start reading the instructions until about 8:55am… we seriously had a couple of seconds to fill in the preliminary info on the scantron such as name and cand id # and then all of a sudden she said GO! same thing happened at the lunch break.

Thanks a lot!

but that was just one test center. don’t take my word for it. i’m guessing 30 minutes before and you should be ok… (90% confidence interval)

In London ExCeL there will be 7500 candidates registering and and causing havoc in general. I suggest do keep that 1 hour in mind if you’re doing it here in London. I know I’ll be leaving here at 7:30am for sure. Better be early than late, get there early, register early, find your seat early and hum the zen until 8:55 am :wink:

im going to get to ExCeL really early…dont want to risk it - find out where ive got to be and if rediculously early, sit in the car and cram!