Anyone have an idea of how these will be tested? Interested in hearing thoughts on this…

what leads to higher or lower rates

calculating returns and duration using repo rates

What gives them higher rates vs lower rates.

Shorter time = lower rate

Assets tranferred in a more secure place for buyer = lower rate

Higher quality of collateral = lower rate (i think)

etc… I think there are a couple other points that is just from what I remember

I understand repo concepts, some of the calcs seem to trip me up sometimes. Need to pratice those…but don’t see calculate in any LOSes that involve Repos…is it worth it to practive these calcs?

don’t want to waste time with little time left until exam…would rather focus on mocks and more practice qs…

What calcs besides levered duration/levered returns? I don’t recall any

maybe that’s all it is regarding cals, but i thought there was more…if that’s all it is then great…i might be crazy, starting to overthink stuff…

look at the EOC questions(I believe last Q). there are some other calcs but leveraged return/duration should be enough .IMO

right, thanks all