Representation of GPA

(Asking for a friend obviously, my GPA was like a 10/4.0). Say an individual performed extremely poorly their first three or so semesters of school, and then performed significantly better for the rest of their college career. The end result, however, was still a very mediocre overall GPA. What is the best way to present this information on a resume so that whoever reads it doesnt puke all over the paper when they see the low total GPA, and rather they focus on improvement?

Don’t put it down. It’s not lying. It’s omitting facts.

This is such a tough topic. So many different schools of thought and conflicting answers. No one really knows, ive decided.

I ended up putting my major GPA only for undergrad and then my cumulative gpa for my MBA. I had one lady grilling me about the 3.44 major gpa and saying that was too low, so you really cant win unless youre probably up in the 3.7+ range.

Even then, i wonder how low is too low for MBA grades since those are typically higher.

Another element to consider is how long after graduation should you keep it on the resume. that’s always a hotly contested topic that no one knows the answer to.

I personally think one should put something down, whether it be cumulative or major unless it is like below a 2.75. I think if it is blank, people will assume the worst (unless you are 5+ years out of school). I dont think anyone sees blank and assumes 3.0 or 3.5. i think they assume 2.0 or 2.5.

This topic really shows just how much of a crapshoot interviewing and applying for jobs is. You can never make everyone happy and there is no perfect way of doing anything. It’s all about getting lucky and being on the same page with the right person

^ Look at you, going from asking questions like a noob to giving answers like a BSD in the space of a few months.

^thanks man. I feel like ive learned more in the last 9 months than previous few years combined.

maybe thats what we should do with investment performance too

What about rounding? One decimal or two?

I’ll honestly say I’ve never disclosed my GPA to anyome professionally. I can’t fathom putting it on a resume now (I’m an old loser now though), nor could I ever. My GPA did suck though…

Only round down. I would definitely not round up. Calling a 3.85 a 3.90 is technically lying. Risk just isnt worth the benefit in my opinion. I would go down to 3 or 4 decimal points if need be rather than round down, but thats just me. Im sure some people would say 3.8 is more aesthetically pleasing than 3.813

Vandy went from insanely annoying to AF success story. Maybe in six months XRAY will working at Goldman. Rahul Roy will still be in India, though.

You’d be surprised but this happens to UHNW clients