What type of overall reputation does the bank Sandler O’Neill have? Is it considered a top tier or mediocre MM bank? More specifically, is its equity research arm well thought of? What would be ER associate’s expected starting salary at this or a similar bank? Based on searching previous threads, I am guessing an average of around $140,000 including bonus. Does this sound like it is in the ballpark? Thanks.

What are your qualifications? Where are you in your career? What skills do you have? What are your other options?

I have… 2 years of experience at a regional accounting firm in valuation of privately held business, especially community banks MBA from decent regional university, graduated two years ago. LII candidate I currently have a good job that I enjoy and pays well for being in the Southeast, however there might be a potential opportunity with SO. I am just trying to determine if it is something I should pursue. I guess I am not sure of exactly what I want at this stage. Thanks.

The company is on the small side. I don’t think they get a whole lot of visibility and attention from larger clients, but if you’re looking to break into research, some experience is better than none. Given the size of the bank, your level of experience (you’d be brought in as a first-year post-MBA and you don’t have much relevant experience), and location, my best estimate on all-in comp might be around $110-120K assuming you are a good performer. I don’t know if I can see $140K at a shop like that, but that’s my best estimate considering that I’m much more familiar with compensation for larger firms.

Numi, Thanks for the insight. In the previous post, you mentioned location as factor for determining compensation. Were you operating under the same assumption as me, that the job would be in NYC? Thanks.

The numbers I quoted were based on the understanding that you were working in the Southeast. With an MBA, all-in comp of $140K for an MBA is probably what you would see at an NYC investment bank that’s third tier or below.

Thanks for the info