Required return and similar calculations

The return calculation related questions in AM sessions (both private wealth and institutional investor sections) are no where discussed in CFAI curriculum (or am i missing something?) and yet there are significant weights on these questions in the exam. Isn’t it odd that CFAI tests on these questions without having given any resources for these calculations?
In some instances these problems were very much word-problems which adds to its ambiguity, which further exacerbates the situation. I am worried that I will bomb these questions. Why would CFAI do something so odd?

When they replaced the readings for Individual and Institutional Investors, I think the emphasis is not on the calculation of required returns anymore.

In the exam weight, Portfolio Management carries 35-40% (from memory) and it covers other topics like Asset Allocation, Trading, Performance Evaluation, etc.

Does that mean that the return calculations used to be explicitly discussed in CFAI curriculums before 2020?

Thank you so much for your time


You sound like you probably took Level 3 exams a few years back and now picking up your books again.

This is the first time I am sitting for level 3…
Thank you very much.

Oppps. My bad. Happy studying!