required return

i notice on the schweser exams and some of the cfa exams there is some color i.e. text basically writing down what income is needed and other seemingly useless color about meeting spending requirements and such. My understanding was as long as we show the calculations and such we don’t need to give the color. Am i wrong? in other words do we need to write anything for required return?

I assume you do b/c on old cfai exams it often asks to “formulate return objective” and “calculate required return”.

If it clearly just says calculate then I would just show the calc otherwise like tanyusha says it usually says formulate and calc which require both the calc and some color.

Thanks for reminding me…I’ve been meaning to ask…are you guys gunna “Describe” your #'s…i.e. this Spending -250 House -250 Salary +100 instead of this -250 -250 +100

i will do it CFA style 1) All income 2) All expense 3) Asset base 4) Adjust sset base for income-expense 5) Calculate return Will do it with descriptions of each item