Requirement for Level 2?

Hi, Are we able to register for level 2 when we are in our final year of our undergraduate studies? Or we really need to have the degree in order to register for level 2? Thanks.

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Dude, I’d check with CFA Institute, but I think as long as you’ve passed Level 1, then you’re good to go.

no i think you need a degree. i had a buddy who was doing BA, crushed level I dec 07, and had to wait till 09 to take level II

you need a degree they don’t check until level 2 it’s in the big pdf application with all the terms the best idea is to just call them no matter what anyone on the internet tells you

Thanks for all the feedback. Just fired an email to them. Thanks.

hmm… are they responsive in email queries?

I’m in the same situation… dont’ graduate til December. On the CFA website it says you cannot register for Level 2 until you get your degree. I started a similar thread not too long ago, someone suggested if you’re eager to start studying you can buy the books on the cfa bookstore online than they’ll reimburse you when you register for level 2. However, im not 100% sure if this is possible or not so you shoudl check before doing so. Im just gonna register the day i complete my degree.