Requisite readings for Economics


Are the required readings (under candidate resources and not in the prescribed readings) for Economics going to be in the exams?

The LOSs outline what is on the exam.

I’m confused about this one too. I actually contacted CFAI about it, but I don’t think they understood my question. This was a significant change over the '16 curriculum

Econ is a distraction to an extent in my opinion. It’s worth what 10 percent? has TONS of reading, and things you probably should know most of already. FOREX is something to pay attention to, can be tricky if you don’t work with it much.

The Requisite Readings for Economics are the foundation to learn and understand all the other readings in Economics. You can skip it and directly jump onto the readings in the CFA Curriculum text books, if you don’t have much time with you. However, it is likely that some concepts might be hard to understand if the basics in the requisite are not understood well. just my 2 cents.

The requisite readings are nothing to do with the actual LOS, unless you know the background of what are you gonna learn. Just a basic idea and nothing.

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