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Hi everyone I know this topic has been discussed a lot on this forum, but I don’t find clear answers and conclusions (at least not clear enough for me)…: IS PRACTICE EXAM VOL.2 HARDER THAN VOL.1??? thanks maeva

I thought it was slighly harder, but after going through vol 1. i was more prepared to take it so my marks didn’t reflect a ‘much harder’ book despite what i feel is a harder set of exams.

Volume 2 was harder IMO, 1 , was more effortless I found.

“more effortless”?!

is that your CFAI answer to hedge yourself… “choosing option A but validating Option B?”

Ok… sounds like I really can’t skip it…(too bad!!!) thanks!

The practice exams appear to get progressively more difficult from 1 through 6, but it all depends where your strenghts are. Just my opinion, but historically I have found the Schweser practice exams much more difficult than the real CFA exam. On one side, you walk out of the actual exam thinking it was pretty easy which was the case for me on levels 1 & 2. On the other, you get so beat up on the practice exams that you loose your cofidence and bomb that actual exam which is what I did on first pass at level 3. Bottom line is that the practice exams are a good review tool, but try not to beat yourself up too much if you score poorly on them as I don’t believe they are really representative of the actual exam.