Research Analyst Compensation

What figures would be a good estimate for this position to answer these 2 questions: 1. What is your compensation requirement? 2. If your compensation requirement had incentives based upon performance, that could exceed your requirement, then what would your minimum compensation requirement be? A hedge fund manager seeks an energetic, highly intelligent self-starter with experience in stock or commodity analysis. Technical analysis skills are a plus. JOB DESCRIPTION I. Position: The Research Analyst will assist the President of a hedge fund search for stock and other investments based on the company’s criteria. II. Responsibilities: A. Stocks -“Consuming Monopolies” - • Find great businesses at great prices. • Identify Special Situations. B. Commodities Futures • Find commodities trading at historically low prices. C. Land • Oversee land deal flow process (as time and abilities permit). D. Money Management/Reporting • Assist in helping ensure disciplined money management practices. III. Profile: • A passion for the stock and/or commodity market(s). • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Ability to work independently. • Self-motivated and not easily frustrated. • Enthusiastic in meeting or exceeding performance expectations. • Strong PC skills. • Some experience in accounting or finance is a plus. • Familiarity with technical analysis of stocks or commodit

  1. Absolutely. I’d be willing to take a modest base with more potential upside based on my performance. As long as my base salary covers my living expenses, I’m in good shape. And if they’re asking it, I’d also imagine its what they want to hear. They want somebody that is confident in their work product. Tying comp to performance should show that. My $0.02

As a research analyst, what type of performance incentive would there be? In addition, what percent is common, as a performance incentive, in an analyst role?