Research career compensation

Hi, What would a reasonable compensation (salary + bonus) package be for a fresh MBA level energy research associate with focus on energy sector in a mid-size bank at Houston? And in five years? Background: currently enrolled EMBA at a top-20 school. PhD in engineering from a top-10 grad school, 10 years in the operation and risk management at the energy/utility industry, have some training in financial risk management, and sign up CFA Lvl 2 this June. I am in my early 30s, so I am trying to determine if it is worth switching career after finishing b-school. I don’t see any future in my current firm, but don’t mind staying in my current industry. I would really appreciate any thoughtful inputs. Thanks!

Sounds like a good profile to get in. Not sure about Houston but NY associate would be like 100-120 start base would be my guess. There are some tx ballets in energy that can be a better resource. I’ve heard bonuses can be crazy there - everything is bigger down there.

^ That’s high. Fresh ER associate even in NY I’d say your base is definitely below 100k. Your all in can be over 6 figures at a big bank, but for a smaller bank, you may not break 100k at all.

will passing all 3 cfa tests help?

CFA DOESN’T HELP W/ SALARY PACKAGE. IT MAKES YOU MARKETABLE. mid size bank in Houston covering energy, I’m guessing 20k sign-on, 85k base, 30~50% bonus year end. $5000~$10000 annual raises and eventually comp topping out around $180k in 5 years (assuming you don’t get promoted into sector coverage analyst) But the key is to leverage your contact and get a hedge fund analyst job. From what I “heard,” energy analysts are valuable in the Houston area.

This is a tough question to answer, given your background I am thinking you can demand well above starting ER associate pay.

I’d say you would be offered 105-125k base, and bonus range could be large, depending on firm, performance, market etc from maybe 20k to as high as 100k+ (unlikely but possible). Not sure your work history but given EMBA it must be fairly strong so maybe even higher.

Hmm. I think you should just go for some interviews and see what offers you get. Money talks better than random internet guys. If you don’t get any job offers in finance… well then it’s an easy choice.