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Hey folks, Ive read all the Research Interview posts using the search function, so pls to dont me heck for asking this. Ive landed a Research Associate interview, and am busy brushing up on all the potential questions. It seems there is a high likelyhood that I will be asked to demonstrate my excel skills by updating a model for them with fresh numbers. As I am coming straight out of Uni, only with L1 and no real experience, Im having difficulty in seeing how this will play out. I have built some basic models in my finance classes at school, but as for updating someone elses model - where is the challenge in this? Not to say that it seems easy to me, Im just having trouble conceptualizing what this process will entail in an interview setting. Please Advise. Thank you

where is the interview? Through someone asking me to check it, I have RBC’s exam thing…

Its at a small Vancouver shop. Would you be willing to send it to me? Would be much appreciated.

will send tomorrow - it’s on my desktop at work

I’ve never had to update a model for a interview. Instead I was given an annual report and asked to build a model from scratch in 2 hours. Can be nerve wrecking the first time, so I suggest you practice this on your own on building simple models. They won’t be looking for anything sophisticated anyways, so key things to look out for is identifying the revenue drivers in the company that you were given, and know how the BS-IS-CFS links together down cold.

Thanks guys, im excelling all night tonite. Zuran, What position was your interview for?

Equity Research Associate

You have any other interview tips? This will be my first ER interview.


nope. i’ll let u know afterwards. dont want to jinx it.

jpm351 do you mind sending me that excel exam as well. thanx in advance!!

Updating a model is hard. A few tips that may be of help: - copy and paste as values the key outputs, so when you change something you can see what’s changed and if it makes sense - get good at tracing dependents / precedents so you know what’s going where - when you change somethin, try to minimise what you do and check the outputs at all stages i.e. don’t try to do it all in one go

how in hell could they ever ask you to build a model from scratch in 2h ??

You make a few simplifications like no tax, but is not too hard. My last interview I had to build a cash flow model in 1 hr. You have to work quick, but then it sorts out who is good and who isn’t which I think is a good thing.

ks112 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > jpm351 do you mind sending me that excel exam as > well. > > thanx in advance!!


if you have time, me too.

me 3 =)

me too Thanks in advance!