Research/investment analyst bonus scheme

Hi Guys,

What is a typical investment/ research analyst’s bonus scheme on top of annual salary? and what is a really good one?

lets say annual salary £50k.

thanks for your help!

I see you are a level 1 candidate so I am assuming you don’t have much experience. Is this your first year with the company? Is there anything in your contract about bonus expectations or was anything said at interview time? Without knowing anything else about you or whether you work for a hedge fund, insurance company etc I will make a stab in the dark: You will get a bonus of £10k and the tax man will take half.

I have been offered a position as an investment analyst within hedge fund. Previously I worked mainly on the ops side, though had to do some research too. I know some hedge funds where ops guys can get up to 100% bonus. Just wanted to get feel, what is the min and max I could expect.

if you’re at a hedge fund front office, first year could range from 10-25% depending on your performance. 100% plus are normally for senior analyst. juniors won’t hit 50% normally.

Entry level analyst at a hedge fund, mine was 25% first year. Probably won’t be this year b/c we likely won’t hit the hurdle rate.