Research Objectivity

I remember a lot of material from the ethics section on Research Objectivity in Level 2 last year…are we responsible for that on the Level 3 exam? What about Soft Dollar standards etc?

at level 3, we have ethics code of standards and asset manager code of conduct. we are not responsible for soft dollar standards and reasearch objectivity standards for level 3

The way I look at it is the Asset Manager Code is replacing the Soft Dollar Standards…and the rest of Ethics is essentially the same.

soft dollar standards have been used at a few places in Asset MAnager code, as i can faintly remember, that soft dollars are client assets and should be used to benefit the client, not in the overall managemnet of the firm. whatever is there in the cirriculum, we are responsible for that in L3 exam. but i dont think we are responsible for entire soft dollar SS (as we had in level 2). whatever portion overlaps in L-3, its better to be acquainted with that section though.