Research on Vietnam?

Hi folks, I’ve agreed to do a piece on investment issues in Vietnam. I’m not a Vietnam specialist, but I do know emerging markets more broadly, and thought this would be a good way to get up to speed on a country I’ve been meaning to investigate more deeply My net research has not brought up a great deal of investment analysis and useful data on Vietnam, so I was wondering if anyone here could help point me in some useful directions, useful sites (in english), journal articles, recent sell side country analysis, and the like. Analysis of the equity markets, private equity opportunities, currency behavior… all of these are potentially useful. I’ll be writing more of a strategy document. The goal is mostly to get the range current thinking, and then offer some insights of my own that would come mostly from synthesizing the research I’ve found with my own understandings of how many emerging markets operate and dynamics in the region. I’m a little embarrassed to be coming here for help - I feel I should be able to come up with this on my own, but my first efforts haven’t been as fruitful as expected. I guess that’s why someone wanted the piece written. Thanks to anyone who can help me get started.

Email me - jperlin (at) gmail (dot) com start with the above first to have an idea abt VN - reasearch done by Goldman in HK i guess. Btw I am Vietnamese and very willing to help, Cheers,

lilylla Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > ietnam-next-asian-tiger.pdf > > start with the above first to have an idea abt VN > - reasearch done by Goldman in HK i guess. > > Btw I am Vietnamese and very willing to help, > > Cheers, link doesn’t work

use and tick pages from vietnam it will appear more documents from Vietnam some newspaper in VN but should combine with other sources to have an accurate view

try this again

Hi bchadwick, I am Vietnamese and happy to help you some useful English links for your reference. 1. Vietnam Stated_own Securities Committe 2. Vietnam General Statistics Office 3. Vietnam Government,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL 4. Vietnam Ministry of Industry 5. Vietnam Ministry of Finance 6. The Vietnam Investment Review 7. The Vietnamnews >>> Daily updated news I hope they will help you partly. If you have any problem about finding information about Vietnam law and regulations, you could contact me at P/S: And don’t forget come visit Vietnam- a beautiful country and friendly people through website:

There was also a great piece done in the “Red Herring” during late 2006. I would try and track that down as well.

Thanks, folks, this is a big help. I’m writing from a phone right now but will get to these when I’m back at a computer. This looks like a good start for me, but if anyone else has more to add, I’m all ears (or eyes, for online stuff).

bchadwick, I know that in Marc Faber’s “Gloom, Boom, Doom Report” he had a piece on Vietnam last year. I’ll look for it tonight and bring it to the office tomorrow and scan you a copy.


Looks like I got roped into being the canary in the coal mine to gauge interest in Vietnam for the firm I work for. I’ve never been to Vietnam and don’t know much of anything about it (except that it looks like a beautiful country and that Vietnamese food is amazing).

In addition to the helpful resources above, could anyone point me to trusted resources discussing:

  • Culture / shareholder value orientation / trustworthiness of management (level of corruption, if any)

  • State ownership issues / trends

  • What Vietnam “does well” – which industries, products, sectors are strong

  • Issues related to stock market performance, IPO trends, etc.

  • Any interesting books for order on Amazon covering the above or other interesting topics

I looked online and found some of this stuff but there is more chaff than wheat, so if anyone could help me cut to the chase that would be much appreciated.

Feel free to respond here or email me at


On vietnam topic, is there anyway to invest in vietnamese stocks without going physically to vietnam and open a brokerage account?

I’m not sure Ozzie, but I think the answer is no unless you can get into a mutual fund or ETF. I work with a fund that has prime brokerage through Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and even we can’t do it without applying for a special license (which I’m told is difficult to obtain).