Research Report

Does anyone have an example stock research report they could email me? I realized that I have never actually seen one before… parsons dot brandon AT gmail dot com

No takers!?

Do you have an account with any of the discount brokers (TD Ameritrade, Schwab)? Log on and get a copy of research report. Have fun!!

Here you go:

calgaryeng123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > No takers!? What’s your email address?

Iginla2010 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What’s your email address? parsons dot brandon AT gmail dot com

^ lol…didn’t pay attention.

:slight_smile: That one at is like 7 pages of disclosures and one paragraph of research… does anyone know of one that is a bit more in depth?

What about this:

This is not bad either:

Those are better looking (content wise). Will have to go through them in detail after the LII exam haha Thanks!

i have a few at home from ABN AMRO MORGANS but i have to look for them, they’re somewhere. hehe speaking of tidiness… i know will shoot across to your email once i’ve found them

Please can you send them to me as well

Just sent one to you calgaryeng123.

Thanks! Appreciate it