Resign your job to study

get mono or something very infectious. stay out 2 weeks.

if i were u i would do that if i can afford it

I have a different perspective. I did resign from my job to study for a year however I also had a baby at the same time so really it is a year long maternity leave I am taking. I have a friend who did this 2 years ago. He resigned and studied for a year although he hated his job. He passed level 2 on the first try and he said there was a HUGE difference in employer interest once he passed level 2 and had a job within about 3 months. He also got that job a little over a year ago when the economy was in much worse shape. It is a big risk and I wouldn’t do it just to pass the test but if you have a good reason like you hate your current job or you work a lot of hours and can’t find time to study etc it may be worth the risk. It probably also matters where you live and what kind of local economy you have. I am in Chicago and there appears to be quite a few jobs here right now as I know a lot of people who have been hired/ made job changes in the last year.

What if you are really, underemployed? I live in San Francisco and fear the thought of not having something to get by on but at the same time it’s getting hard to justify staying in this stupid job and needing to study to pull this out.