[RESOLVED]Exam Ticket - Middle name change requests


My exam ticket has (for example)

Surname: Smith

Given Name(s): John

But on my passport it says

Surname: Smith

Given Name(s): John Doe

After completing a quick search I believe this could be a issue. I submitted a change request form last night to cmservices@cfainstitute.org along with a copy of my passport.

Does anyone know, of have any experience, of roughly how long it will take to generate a new exam entry ticket this close to the exam?

Thank you.

I had a change request because of a new passport, although with no other changes than Passport number and expiration date. Took less than 24 hours last Friday.

I updated my passport a few weeks ago, and they responded very fast. Can’t remember exactly, but less than 48h for sure.

Thanks both for the information. And when your Exam Ticket was changed did they email you to confirm with the new ticket attached or did you have to login to the CFAI portal to pull down a new copy?

I ask because I’ve noticed CFAI portal is sometimes down under heavy load so ideally it would be good if the new ticket is emailed directly to me.

Thank you.

I had the same issue as you did in which the CFA exam ticket did NOT include my middle name. I, however, faced NO problems during the exam day as the CFA people at the test centers had a list of names with corresponding passport numbers so they can easily verify.

Still, I suggest you get this sorted out in case CFA people at your test center are not as understanding.

IMPORTANT NOTE: About a couple of years after I had given the exam, I showed this issue to someone else and I found out something interesting. If you open your e-mail containing your ticket, just above the ticket you may find “If you are unable to view this message, please access the web version of this e-mail.”.

Once I clicked the web version, the ticket showed my entire name (remember this was 2 years after my exam).

They e-mailed me to inform me it was done, and told me to log on to access the ticket. The ticket was not attached in an e-mail.

thank you.

thank you for the info. I tried going via the web version of the email but when i click through to the exam ticket it is still without my middlename.

I will wait for CFAI to correct the ticket and let this thread know how long the process took for me.

This is now resolved and a new exam ticket generated with my middlename. To help people out in future I submitted the Name Change request form on Tuesday night and CFAI got back to me 22 hours later with the new exam ticket.

If you have issues logging into the CFAI website (I sometimes found it stuck on the spproxy refresh cycle) I used the link to the exam ticket in the email sent at the end of April with subject “Print your exam ticket”. This seems to bypass the portal load balancing issue and take you directly to your exam ticket. This worked for me for the 2016 exam - future years who knows!

Finally, in the CFAI email they did state the following. Reading the AF forum I am not sure how strictly it is enforced but best not to take a chance after all the work.

in CFAI email:

“It is a requirement that the name on your exam ticket and passport match exactly. If not, on exam day you may be denied entry into your test center.”

Hey, quick question about this. I sent my form in at 9am today and still have yet to hear anything. Shortly after I sent it in, I got the below response, did you receive the same? Just trying to relax my nerves as far as getting this done in time. Thanks!

“Thank you for your email. Due to increased volume, please allow two business days for our response. We look forward to serving you!.”

Yes I got the same automated reponse. It took 22 hours for CFAI to get back to me syaing they had updated my exam ticket.