Resources to improve your knowledge

I was wondering if people can share what resources (website, journal, trade publication, or anything else) which can be subscribed to improve the understanding of markets, investments, and credit. The Bank I work for has an online library services but your dept head has to approve for some of the publications which are expensive.

Do you guys read newspaper everyday after you come to work? I usually glance through Financial Post (Canadian Stuff) and WSJ (for US) but I guess time is limited so I just read through the headlines. How do you guys find Bloomberg Businessweek?

I recently paid about $800 to the CFA institute to hopefully improve my finance knowledge. I have a subscription with WSJ for daily highlights. I usually sift through the public comments for fun (everyone’s an expert).

Well, that’s the thing because CFA material also has its limitations. I want to know more about current trends in the industry. I used to have Bloomberg access in the university but at the job I don’t have it but I do have access to some of the subscriptions such as WSJ and Globe and Mail. I also find economics sections of the bank’s website very useful because it usually have special reports and industry trends.

My vast knowledge of the world comes from here

CFAI offers further material and flash news with industry trends by its member’s section. Exam material is not for such purpose.