Restroom usage during test

This may seem like a ridiculous question to some, but can you use the restroom during your test (obviously forfeiting your time while away using the restroom)? Reason being, I always finish each section with about 30 min left and I occasionally have to use the restroom mid test. I’d much rather take 5-10 minutes and take a piss because when I have to take a leak really bad I can’t concentrate. Please spare the responses of “just go before” as I will try to avoid this problem altogether. But, my main concern is, if I absolutely MUST use the restroom am I allowed to be escorted there, take a leak, and continue my section?

Yes you may.

No, you have to bring a pee bag strapped to your leg.

I knew that _ someone _ was going to write this; I just wasn’t sure who.

I had this same question, because I know for a fact I will need to use the restroom. The CFAI told me you are able to use the restroom, but that each testing site might have their own rules as to the procedure. They may want you to raise your hand and turn in your test pamphlet and then collect it when you come back, that sort of thing. So if they don’t mention anything I would raise your hand before using the bathroom.

If we unstrap it during the desk, does it have to go on the floor with our keys/wallet or can we put it on the desk?


When you check into the test, they will write your seat number on your ticket. You have to keep your ticket and passport out on your desk while you take the test.

If you have to go pee, you raise your hand and give your ticket and passport to a proctor, then you go pee. When you come back, they give you your ticket and passport back and you can resume the test.

You can go to the bathroom. However, CFAI proctors are very strict. They are required to look over your shoulder while you conduct your business in case you are actually holding some notes there instead of “Wjf9838 junior”. Good luck.