Can you take a restroom break? it’s 3 hours exam, how about if I drink too much monster drink and need to go…

didn’t you read the rules? … ALL candidates must wear a diaper.

or, just soil yourself… everyone does it… dont they?

What brand diapers you guys going to use because I can’t find the NASA variety.

home-made… just get a small towel and fold it over with a pin

Seriously, what’s the rule with restroom? I read about the pencils, but I might have missed this one

The general rule here is bell-bottom pants made out of trash bags with zipties around the ankles. Actually I don’t know, I would presume it would be acceptable, however, I believe the halls and bathrooms may be monitored.

I hope so, I’m gonna pound this monster drink before I go, I might need to go to the restroom.

No worries. They’ll explain it there. Basically, you can use the restroom anytime you want, but must leave your test booklet and answer sheet with the proctor before you go. Same holds true for making a trip to the water cooler.