Resubmitting Work Experience?

A few months ago on the CFA website I saw that 2 of my jobs were approved and one denied for the work experience that I submitted. I’m about to elaborate on the one that got denied and resubmit it, but I can’t seem to find that same page that listed my jobs submitted and whether they were approved or denied. I guess my question is, does anyone know the process for resubmitting work experience that was previously denied? And where on the website can I see what experience was approved and what was not? I tried searching and saw a few other threads that sort of discussed it, but there wasn’t really a clear answer.

Never mind, of course right after I submit this question I found what I was looking for. If anyone else is interested the answer to my question was on this page: Work Experience Q: I submitted a total of 56 months of work experience on my membership application, but I was only approved for affiliate membership. Why was I not made a regular member? A: Only a portion of your work experience was determined to meet the requirements for regular membership. You may e-mail us to verify which position(s) did not meet the regular membership requirements. Q: I have learned that only a portion of my work experience was approved by CFA Institute for regular membership. I feel that my work experience does meet the regular membership guidelines. How should I proceed? A: You may apply again for an upgrade and provide further information. We will have these additional details re-reviewed to determine whether you will qualify for an upgrade to regular membership.

i had the same issue, but i still get an error message stating that i can’t upgrade my experience since the application is still under review… i don;t get it, since they already rejected some of my work experience