Result day

Who passed the May 2022 exam?

I did!!

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Congratulations, cfageist!

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Congratulations, A_a!

Thanks. I was hoping for more fanfare here after years on this site. Where is everybody? Congrats CFAgeist.

Congrats! Yeah result day have been very quiet here. I remember when everyone shared results. It was usually very busy days on this forum. Reddit took over I think.

Made it as well. Thanks for all the help. Congrats to all made it!

Congratulations, kencheng!

3rd time was the charm for me.

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Congratulations, Jamit!

Passed it the second time around! CFAI is not getting any more of my money.

*realizes the requirement to keep paying CFAI for the use of the CFA designation.

Oh wait…

Congratulations, Rover!

Passed too!! Thanks for all the help @S2000magician :slight_smile:

Congratulations, mkekes!

You’re quite welcome.

So that not everybody thinks the pass rate is 100% here – I failed. Hehe.

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