Result not received yet!! Help please experts!!


My friend hasn’t still received his result which were announed yesterday!! He has sent a mail to, and is yet to receive a reply

Anyone else, who is dealing with the same issue, pls post/reply…

@experts and others: What shall he do now?? Suggest further course of action please!

Please Reply ASAP… as its damn worrisome!

Has ‘your friend’ received a letter regarding an investigation into their actions during the exam, i.e. a proctor report? If so no results will be released until the results of the investigation is completed.

Has ‘your friend’ checked their junk folder?

Has ‘your friend’ confirmed their postal address and email address as recorded on the CFAI website?

Other than that, are you sure ‘your friend’ was enrolled for the exam?

Good luck.

No. There was no such letter of intended investigation.,

Only 7am in the states right now so guess your friend will have to wait until someone gets into the office and fires up their emails and investigates your friend’s request before any repsonse will be sent back.

Good luck.

Thank you… atleast someone replied

You’re welcome.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

It happened to a few people last year too so don’t worry unless you have received an email re a PCP investigation.

Also: Check your junkmail folder

Just log in to the cfa website, there should be an option to see your results there by now

Yep just checked, results are posted - log in required.