Results: 7 days countdown from today

My results jitters hasn’t kicked in yet. might have to wait until sunday night. But the fates have already been decided, the scores are sitting somewhere waiting for a monkey to press “send”

According to the countdown clock:

7days 1.5 hours

All the very best iteracom!

iteracom, is this your first crack at level 3? I think I remember you from previous years.

I’m about to barf from the anxiety

yes, first official crack. I was registered last year, but was a no-show on exam day

All the best everyone!

ahhhh. no wonder! that’s the year I wrote and passed. You shouldve wrote the 2011. I found that morning session to be pretty fair.

It’s starting to set in how devastated I will be should I fail. I cannot come up with the words to express how little desire I have to spend another year studying this crap.

+1 I still repent my decision of taking few years of break and skipping the 2011 exam. I have never seen any (AM) exam as easy as that one.

All the best!

Agreed. I did all the AM’s going back 6 years, 2011 was BY FAR the easiest, I really wish I had time to study well and nail it

Thought I’d bump this since we are within one day now.

Less than 24 hours left. Good luck everyone.