Results Are Out - 4 Days Early

I’m not sure what happened, everybody, but the results are out like 4 days early. Check GARP website. I passed! I am not joking.

yeah, i just saw the same thing… it saids i passed too… how do i see my individual section score?

congrats dude…

Thanks, gangsta, you too. Hey by the way to see your individual section score, go to Quick Links then click on “Historical Quartile Results.”

I see… thanks bud.

I passed too, I am afraid if they will change it since the official dead line is not for another 4 days.

Thanks Destroyer…, you brought good news.

hello everyone…congrats to all whose passed the exam… …is there sectional cut off for passing?

Passed Part1… Found-Q1, Quant-Q2, FinMktProduction-Q1, Val and Risk-Q2

Just wanted to know how tough is part 2… is see the pass rate for part 2 is a bit higher than part1.

Searching for some good education provider for part 2. (I did with and scheweser notes for part 1, and it was ok). But seems like they( are not interested in teaching part2, nobody has yet replied to my results intimation :-).

How is everybody else planning for part2…


Off topic but, do you think CAIA is worth getting? I passed level 1 while back but never bothered to take level 2. all I hear is “not worth the money.” any thought?


I don’t know, man, maybe I’m from another generation but…when I see these posts with these kids saying that CAIA isn’t worth the money, etc., all I can think about is how little these people understand about the market. Don’t be persuaded by the jealous rants of some 24 year old kid earning $55K doing operations work about the value of the CAIA.

If you were asking me if CAIA was worth it and you didn’t take any tests, I would say yes. So now that you have revealed that you are already halfway through the process, I would definitely say yes. It just seems like a sunk investment to throw the towel in now.

Look at it as an option, bro. If your employer/prospective employer doesn’t have any need for the CAIA, fine. However, if you look at that one job listing where they are looking for that special something extra, and it happens to be the CAIA due to the job focus, that extra 3-5% in the eyes of someone reviewing you can be the extra margin it takes to make sure you get the phone call over the horde of other applicants. Under no circumstances will having the CAIA be a “liability” like some bozos on here have said. Think about it – the idea is ridiculous.

I find that too many people are jaded or lazy on this forum. They will disparage gaining additional credentials and say some bullsh!t like it isn’t worth it, it is a “useless” credential, blah blah blah. But if they were so great, they probably wouldn’t be wasting so much time torpedoing other people’s hopes and dreams in the anonymity of a forum. Trust me as someone that has had measurable benefit in his career from having the CAIA Charter. I say finish it! Good luck to you.

thanks dude.

To the guys that pased part 2 . I didnt write in May and deferred to Nov . From all the earlier posts I noticed that most of you used schweser and were not happy subsequent to the exam . Based on the results and the fact that most of you passed would your views on the quality of the schweser material have changed? I realise their Q bank questions are not exactly the same level as the exam but this was the case for part 1 and most of us managed to get through that ok with the schweser books as they did provide a good understanding of the material. I will most likely used BT questions in conjunction with the schweser notes and questions

Johnh, I concur. I used Schweser once for my CFA level 1 and failed. After that I used the original books and passed the rest of the CFA and FRM levels without failing once. Schweser is a shortcut and seems not a good one.

Hii all…

Do we need to go through the GARP core readings or will the Schweser will serve the needful.

Thanx in anticipation.

so the conclusion is…

is schweser notes alone enough? Yes/No?

@iamthenight, I have similar questions:

Is Schweser alone is sufficient for FRM Part 2 (will be seating in Nov 13) ?

One more Q:

When I read AIMs, I found there are few topics where the institute has clearly mentioned “calculate”. Does that mean we can expect problems based on those AIMs mainly? Because when I look at the institute material, there are so many formulas which are impossible to remember. Also, usually how many problems one could expect out of 80?

If we get some clarity on which formulae to focus on, studying from Schweser and complementing it with institute material doesn’t look all that impossible.