Results are out!

I just got an email with the results (and thankfully I passed). The results came out 3 days early, and I believe this happened previously also.

How did everyone do?

Luckily, I passed. Credit Risk and Risk Managent are my weakiest areas, unforunately, I have to deal with them on my job.-:slight_smile:

I Passed… but for some reason i couldn’t login to my GARP account.

Passed… It over yay!!!

Passed! Congrats to everyone else who passed too! 1 more reason to celebrate tonight.

Congratulations to everyone who passed. I also passed and just did the work experience submission. It’s also worth celebrating that we all learned something through the FRM curriculum.

Anyone else having trouble logging on?

i too passed. any guesses what wud have been the cutoff? my take is 55%

Passed part 2 , finallly able to log in . Going to be a cracker new years party now

Hey Johnh, I have been wondering how you’ve made out. Congrats, my man. I know you were dealing with some scheduling conflicts before but welcome to the other side! It will be a great New Year’s celebration for you I’m sure…

FRM level 1 Passed… tension is over now :slight_smile:

Passed both part 1 and 2- first attempt- but had warmed up by completing PRM first during summer

The material was similar but the FRM exam was much harder - on the same level as a CFA exam

taking CAIA level 1 in March next

thanks DOW , glad its finally over . Happy new year and if you ever head to South Africa give me a shout. Can may send you my details.

Passed part 2 at the first attempt. I went into the exam feeling quite unconfident (see comments elsewhere re Schweser), but was determined to grind it out. Overall, I thought the paper itself was easier than I’d been expecting.

I’ve been trying to submit my experience details on the GARP website, but it seems to not like what I’m writing - anyone else had problems with ‘invalid characters’?

Hi stxmld

I had the same problem and it seems you have to enter a lot less than the 1000 characters stipulated . Eventually I was giving brief bullet points and it seemed to work

Does anyone know how long it takes GARP to review the work experience upon passing the FRM Level I & II exams?

I had issues with characters as well and had to exclude anything such as: & ’ : etc …

I submiited my experience as soon as we got the email saying we passed on Dec 30 and just got an email today Jan 10 saying that it was accepted and that I’m officially a certified FRM!- so less than 2 weeks despite the holidays