results august 19th

received e-mail from CFA - results are out Aug 19th at 9 am… dont recall ever getting such e-mail, but i m sure there will be another follow up.

Did everyone get this email…I have not received one yet

I got it

got it early in the morning

I got it yesterday late in the day

Got it. I wonder why they changed the way they release the results. They removed the uncertainty out of it - at least from the date perspective :slight_smile:

Only those who passed got the email. If you didnt get it, it means you failed.

probably got tired of the phone calls and the server overloads for 10 days at a time

When I saw the subject “Important CFA Exam Results Information”, my heart sank and I was preparing myself to see something about my scores being invalidated of something of the sort. Now i can brace myself for the day.

they need to add a countdown on the frontpage here, only 55 shopping days left…