Results date

Sorry to have to ask this… L1 results were/are 60 days post test L2 and L3 are 90 days? (anyone have a specific date?) Stinks. Run through scantron, review, and release. A 3 month wait is offensive and LAZY…much like the proctors of my test center that took 30 minutes to collect and dismiss candidates after both sections of the test.

Last time it was 18th…should be 17th this time proctors were lazy in our center too…they used to update the ‘time left’ board after 5 min…WTF!!

L1 results are usually available at the end of the month after the test, and L2/L3 results about 3 weeks after the L1 results. I believe the reason why it takes so long to determine the results is that they manually grade a random sample of the test papers. BTW, 30 minutes to collect papers? That’s very long indeed.

I am booking the best bar in town for the 17th August evening then. One way or the other, I will need copious amounts of alcohol ;D)