Results day: What ifs

What if you waited for your result and it turned out you miraculously passed, you are over joyed BUT you get too stuck with office work or other commitments, that you can’t celebrate that day or even the next day! If I pass, that will be pretty much my situation I think.

Being unemployed…passing level 2 in and of itself would be my greatest celebration and perhaps consolation…I am sure passing it will uplift you with or without the opportunity to leave office commitments behind…good luck to us all…almost there…

I dont think i will pass … there’s a 20% chance only but in case i did, results would be out by 4 pm my timing , i will not make use of my lunch break and leave 1 hour earlier on both ways, either too happy or pissed.

my friend just got his MCAT result. Immediately after the exam, he thought he definitely would be in the 99%tile. He told me yesterday the actualy result was 88%tile, still a really decent score, but way different than his expectation.

if i passed and i dint have time to celebrate immediately, i’d definitely celebrate before i slept that night…even if it means no sleep before work the next day :smiley: but i think the IF i passed is a big fat fuc*ing if…

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas come on Santa!!!

I thought about calling sick.

I’ve got a really busy week so I hear you sumz. I don’t expect to pass at this point, the exam was just brutal. Have a board meeting in the morning just hours after I get the result. So I’m more concerned about being depressed about a band 6 result and having to fight through the day than when I’ll get to celebrate. We will shortly find out!

Im entertaining the idea of calling in sick as well. I surely dont have guts to stay infront of a monitor screen the whole day tomm. I might actually hang out somewhere if i manage to take a day off.

i need to be at work early morning tomorrow. if i pass, well I am just gonna celebrate the night after. if i fail. i can t stay at work, i won’t be focused so i will probably leave work at 9.30am and try to relax outside or crying…

If I fail - I will own up to it and go to work like nothing happened. Open the books in September. IF* I pass big if - a round at Pebble Beach in late August.

I would be willing to work for the next 2 months without taking a weekend in order to pass level 2.

Was considering calling in sick today, but decided to come to office anyways…cant concentrate on work at all!!