Results email may be delayed on 8/8 ??

Level I/II test takers are not seeing results emails as yet in inbox. It is 1040am EST. Doesn’t bode well for us on 8/8 :frowning:

I freaking out already

yeah you would think CFAI after all these years would get it down pat already. Guess not…

From this alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a “tell” in their system for us.

per CFAI twitter account…

“We are sending results emails in waves throughout the day. Please continue checking your email”

I wonder if the luckier ones are in the first wave…Winter Is Coming!

given that the number of candidates Level 1 and Level 2 combined is quite large… i would expect delays… however L3 candidate pool is relatively smaller so if there is a delay due to volume … it will be very minimal but delay due to other factors still remains…

Good freaking lord. Chill out.