Results email?

Is it just me or the CFA institute hasn’t declared the date for the results? Usually the email with the date comes by mid/end of June. Its first week of July and no email yet…

I’m an L3 candidate but I haven’t got it. All I’ve gotten from them was some email about ‘wanna know more about a grading process?’…which then proceeds to tell you nothing meaningful about the actual grading process.

The 2014 December Level I results announcement email came 3 weeks prior to the actual results release. Assuming the June 2015 exam results will be released on July 28th, we may see the announcement emails start to roll out tomorrow, or some time this week.

I got the “wanna know more about our grading process?” on 23 June … Check your spam, it might be there …

I got that one too… but like Topperharley said, it doesn’t contain anything relevant. The last thing I want is to open my inbox one evening and find the result sitting there without me expecting it.

I haven’t received such email also.

Hm I didn’t get this one as well… Even not in my spam

As I predicted above, the emails went out today. Mine came today anyways. Watch your email box on July 28th!

Seems, they love communicating everything on Tuesdays…whether good things or bad things…all on Tuesdays

For all those who are worried about not receiving e-mail because of possible PCP investigation,

check your accounts now! A guy I know has his account locked today and has also received a PCP letter

Yes, not receiving the results date email usually means PCP violation pending.

I actually just got the email saying when results will be. But it looks like it was sent at 11:13am EST and I got it like… two minutes ago (3+ hours later). Kind of freaked me out, to be honest.

Second time there has been a massive delay between a sent email and it being delivered to me. For L1 I had a similar experience, I didn’t actually get the email until around 10:30am EST even though the delivery time was around 9am. Hopefully that doesn’t happen again. Considering I use Gmail, it’s not like it’s Hotmail or AOL or something, wtf…

D**n that sucks. What did the email say the violation was for?

@ltj I received the results date email about 15 minutes ago…I use Gmail as well. I remember getting last year’s results email at around 10:30am as well.

i’ve got neither. lets not spread speculative info with zero credibility. one person not getting the results email and also getting a PCP violation does not quite mean whoever hasn’t received a results email yet means you’re likely being investigated…

As the email states:

“We will email your June 2015 Level II CFA exam result to you on Tuesday, 28 July 2015 , after 9:00 a.m. ET. Please note that many internet service providers (ISPs) manage incoming email delivery, so we are unable to predict an exact time you will receive your result.”

So if you do not recieve and email by the end of the day, then you can start worry about PCP investigation. Also, always remember to check your Junk Mail

About time they sent these emails out!

Now we have three wonderful stress-free weeks! crying

I received both emails in my gmail inbox … yet, it feels like a ticking bomb …

Damn, email sent from CFAI at 8:13am, received at 12:01pm. That’s slow. Going to be a long morning on the 28th.

Not necessarily. Depends upon your service provider