Results link

i didn’t see all of these threads yesterday about the links disappearing, but I’m sure that when I logged in yesterday there was only a link to register, not to get the results, just to register. Now that link is gone. Did anyone else see something similar? What does this mean? This was at about 5pm EST.

It means that you didnt sign your name on your exam booklet so you officially didnt take the exam so you will not have results to check since they have been voided. Just playing with you…It means that you are clueless. Everyone had the link to get results.

He is saying he saw link to register AND not get results. That is weired

He is pretty much saying that he thinks he saw this. Maybe we can make up a option 5 for him.

Option 5…this is what i’m thinking haha.

No more options. There were too many options to begin with. At one point I had to print off the original post because I kept forgetting which one was which.

i’ve checked back at the original post too. I didn’t look to see which boxes were checked so I guess it doesn’t mean anything that I saw a register link yesterday afternoon? I hope…

Sorry kr.h. just a bit of late day humor at your expense. Just go have a few drinks and go to bed. Thats what i plan on doing.

only 14hrs and 10mins. stop speculating, go home, have dinner, watch TV, go to bed and when you wake up it won’t be long before the anticipation is over.