Results May 2021

Got the result! Passed! 40% pass rate for level 2. I received the email at 7:36 am.

I hope most on this forum passed as well.


Great job! And good luck to everyone - hope you passedđź‘Ť

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Thank you!

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cant wait to know the MPS

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Passed, based on that graph…seems it is only marginally passed.

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Congratulations, cfageist!

Thank you, and thanks for all the insightful posts. They helped me greatly.

My pleasure.

Unfortunately I fell in the 60% category who didn’t make it.

Ironically, I haven’t found anyone from within my network here in Cape Town who have passed :expressionless:

Not sure whether to re-register or give it up as it’s my second time writing.

Anyone with sage words of advice?

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If the content is something that you enjoy, you want to deepen your knowledge in, and/or it furthers you along your personal/career development then I would definitely work on the areas you had trouble with or didn’t fully grasp and try again. Who cares that it takes multiple tries.

If you are looking for a CV primer or 3 letters behind your name only then I may look for other options to spend my time, money, and energy.

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If you used Schweser, perhaps consider a different prep provider for your retake. Schweser is very popular but the program does take several shortcuts and it can sometimes be the case that those shortcuts can trip up candidates who otherwise studied hard. Keep the old Schweser practice exams but add a different trainer for the retake. If you didn’t have time to adequately prepare the first time, focus on filling in the missing pieces in your knowledge. And try to take about 7 mocks including at least 2 official CFA mocks prior to your next retake.

You will smoke the test then and move onwards and upwards.

Cheers you got thisđź‘Ť

Man you would not known how many pass on their 3rd, 4th or even 5th attempt. There is no shame in failing , there is shame in knowing what you could do and not trying for it. The place and community I come from the ones that don’t give up and ultimately pass the notorious exams are celebrated and eulogised more than the few lucky ones who pass on their first attempts.



how much were you scoring on the mocks?

Any advise for those taking the exam soon?


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For some reason I can’t remember my exact scores but I got low 80s on my first one and mid 70s on my second.

My advice: Everything comes together during the last month of study. You’ll often feel like things are overwhelming but keep pushing. Things will eventually make sense and with practice you’ll become better. Consistency and discipline are critical for success.

I used Schweser and the curriculum. I have used this method for both level 1 and level 2 and got above the 90 percentile on both exams. I read Schweser but kept the CFAI stuff close by for reference. It wasn’t rare that I actually read CFAI as I was reading Schweser to reinforce what I had read in Schweser. I took a lot of notes in my Schweser books with stuff from the curriculum. So when I reviewed during the last 2 months, I knew that whatever notes I had taken were important and required for the exam so I did not need to go back to the curriculum. This saved a lot of time in the end.

Had 2 months to review. Went over Schweser again for 1 month and then used the last month to redo all EOC and a lot of the topic tests. Never used Schweser Qbank as it wasn’t very useful. At the end of the day, practicing EOC and topic tests is probably the most important step in becoming more confident. After practicing, complete the two mocks and you should be ready. Mocks are good practice for timing but I do not think you need to complete a lot to pass. I only did the 2 mocks available on the learning ecosystem and I felt confident.

The exam is very fair if you prepare adequately.

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This is really a kind and genuine comment :slight_smile: