Results on a weekday

ne one like me who doesn’t want to check their results on tuesday and would like to wait till the next weekend i think i need the weekend to recuperate from a pass/fail

Yea, nope. I would like to think I could wait till the weekend but I will most likely be up at 6AM (west coast) checking my results with the rest of the world.

i got ripped a new one by some level I dudes on the forum for waiting to hear my level I results till later that night. i waited till 1142pm for my results, and thank god they were good. but the bottom line is they will affect you either way, and it helps to be in a good calm place where you can either erupt in joy, or blow up in anger. a lot of people will try to act macho here and call you a wuss for waiting, but if you need to wait, wait.