Results Prediction

Band 9, 10, or pass. Hard to say… depends on how well my afternoon session salvaged my morning session.

Is anyone feelling like she/he could not manage time efficiently on AM session but still sure about his/her answers. I didin’t answer 3 questions in AM but kind of feeling good enough about my answers. For me good enough is about 50%. On the other hand I feel PM might come between 65-70% if I know what I am doing. I am trying to get use to the idea of failing. Because I think I will also be in the Bnd 10 range. If I pass I will be happy of course. Just trying to avoid from tomorrow’s stress

I’m thinking about a 60 in the AM and a 75 in the PM, going to be borderline

Band 10 fail or just scrape through… See what happens

I’m hoping this isn’t me…

I’m in the exact same boat. I left three questions blank, however 2 of them were lower point questions thankfully. I believe I got somewhere between 60%-70% of the questions I completed correct. That puts me somewhere between 45%-52.5% for the total AM (assuming I attempted 75% of the questions). PM I thought was fairly easy and I am expecting something between 43/60 and 48/60 (71.6%-80%). Would feel 100% confident about the exam if I would have finished every question. I’ve been beating myself up all summer long because of it.

you would be in the mid range of passers with that score

I think I did better in the PM than in the AM. After hearing how everyone else felt about the 2 sections, that makes me feel like I missed some tricks in the PM and will likely fail.

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I can honestly say I am a blank slate: no idea whether I passed or failed, let alone exactly how I fared.

I guess I’d be surprised if I was a band 4 or lower, not because of hubris, but because at least I finished everything and had a reasonable idea of what was going on, so I hope I clipped the left tail - but that still leaves a lot of single-digit bands as very real possibilities. I can talk myself into believing many different scenarios, including the elation and relief of some good news.

I will say that this entire process is incredibly humbling: even if you end up being successful, the possibility of a (temporary) setback is so darn real that you can’t help but have some empathy for anybody and everybody that goes through that process, and realize how little separates a desirable outcome from a less desirable one. A good night sleep, some luck, demands from your job or your family - so many things, big or small and often outside of our control, can make or break our exam day.

Come what may, let’s remember that we won’t be smarter or dumber 24 hours from now than we are today. Irrespective of the outcome, we will be the same people. Let’s all do our best to not get too cocky if we get good news, and to not sell ourselves short if we don’t. We have learned a lot this past year, not just about the curriculum but about ourselves. Let’s try to get through tomorrow with as much grace and positivity as we can muster.

Very well said Gottasay

true, completely humbled by this, something to remember forever, just hope after making so much investments we all end high…

Either band 10 or border line pass. I felt pretty good in the morning and confident with my answers but I ran out of time and left the last question completely blank plus a couple other small ones. PM was ok but I had to make about 8 guesses.

i hope my morning answers are correct and the last question doesn’t penalize me much.

good luck everyone!

Hope for a borderline pass, but it’s been like this the 6 other times I’ve taken a CFA test and only passed two!

That’s right Cleo, Never say die! fight until you get the CFA letters chiseled onto your tombstone

I’ve also sat in that same exam center 6 times now. I will keep on going until the end. Though it would be nice if this time it truly and finally would be over.