Results Prediction

Curious what everyone thinks their score is going to be. I’ve came to the conclusion that I’m borderline but will likely get a band 9 or so. I’ve came up with multiple scenarios where I’m ranging a total score of 59%-64%.

I believe somewhere between band 8 - band 11. It all depends on how well i did on the AM cause I think I’ll score around 60 on the PM (I did way better on the AM).

I reckon band 8 or 9.

Prob got a 70 in the AM and a 50 on the PM (got owned in the afternoon).

I’m between I probably passed i hoped I passed and I have no idea.

I am really interested by the guys who say they did much better in the AM, I remember an article on 300hours a year ago where they had collated level 3 (volunatarily sent in) and found 98% of candidates did better in the PM section that year.

Also I’d think that somewhere between 59-64 would probably be enough depending on the dificulty this year.

7-11 i still expect to pass, but not terribly surprised if i don’t

Monito - I hear you, but seriously on the PM was completely thrown off and I think I guessed at least 12 questions, ethics messed me up too.

AM was decent, straight forward, knew the concepts and answered all the questions with 2 minutes to spare.

Let’s see, would be interested to see the breakdown between AM and PM.

^^ guess we’re in the same boat.

I don’t want to jinx myself but I’d be extremely surprised if I failed…

Yep. i’m like some of the others on this thread. thought i did much better on the AM than the PM. But, i know that’s unlikely since 96 - 98% of everyone is the inverse of that. oh well, wouldnt be the first time i was in the 4% of something…but thats not usu me!

I think i’m btw a 60 and a 65 overall. On the high end, i expect that will clear the MPS on the low end, maybe not.

More importantly, what are you guys going to do to enjoy this last weekend before the results are released?


I might be band 9 or 10. Didn’t do as well as should have (in both AM and PM), despite knowing the stuff made tons of errors. Frustating, but can’t do anything now:(

Hoping that the pass-rate is reasonable (maybe low 50’s), and get lucky…

Overall, a tense time until the result, hopefully this year proves to be a redeemer…

I really have no idea, I think I’ve passed but i honestly wouldn’t be surprised with a band 9 or 10.

So hard to tell, I think i screwed up a couple of questions in the morning and I don’t feel like I smashed the afternoon so I don’t feel confident

Same here. can’t really say about the AM session. best of luck

It’s possible that candidates this year over-concentrated on the essay part; that’s because of the associated scare driven by previous years’ results. I luved this year’s PM session along with it’s few light sweet tricks. The AM session was a bit long. wasnt difficult, just long. I spent too much time showing-off in the first 3 quarters of the exam. Had to rush through the last quarter. I dont feel good about it. I feel foolishly stupid. Hubris is not only the worst sin, it’s the most stupid.

I feel i did better in AM than Pm section.

I would be stunned if I failed.

you guys think bigstudmuffins bf passed?

I’ve been trying not to “jinx” myself from the beginning, but I felt really good leaving the exam. I was out the door on the PM session with 55 minutes still on the clock.

I work with individual clients so the curriculum lended to me much better than L2. I was sweating the results last year.

I hope not, I could use his amusing posts while studying next year if I happen to fail.

tyler - mate you might want to dedit your post. Just to be careful, thats it.

Expecting to pass inshaALLAH.