Results Release Date and Time

If I recall they send an e-mail out sometime towards the end of June about when they will release the results. I know that L3 results are always later than L1 and L2 results but I have the impression that the date can vary widely from year to year, i.e. it has been both late July and Mid-August?

p.s. I would give up to 100 Euros to know now and then about 1.5 euros less every day approaching to the release day

usually between Aug 7 and aug 14

the only authentic source is the cfa institute mail…but there is no reason to believe it wud be in july. it has to be around 7/8 august…

My guess is Aug 6th. That’s when they released it last year (9 weeks and then the next Tuesday). If not, then I would guess Aug 13th. Maybe an extra week due to there being 11 questions intead of 9?

I believe it was Aug 8 last year.

It was Tuesday, Aug 7 last year.

6 Aug this year? Not sure if Istanbul late sitting will affect the timeline or not.


Bingo !!


Do you also guess currency exchange rates ??