results release date?

any firm idea when this is? CFAi site says within 60 daysbut any chance of them being available before 5th Feb? cheers

Jan. 28, 2009

Does it tell you the score, or just pass or fail?

Just pass/fail

and topic breakdown of <50%, 50-70% and 70+%

You receive your score band by topic in broad ranges(i.e < 50%, 50-70% and > 70%). In addition, if you fail, you get a “performance band” (or, as we call it, the “failure band”) it tells you in what decile you are among all who failed. If you pass, you only get your scores bands on the topics. But you won’t care, since you passed.

Thanks for the replys. i was wondering about those bands. Hope I wont see any band, just PASS.

This forum is getting me more and more nervous every day lol.