Hey everyone,

We can post results here. Hopefully the majority of us passed!

Good Luck!

The e-mail I received said that the results would be sent “after 9:00AM…”

Are the results normally e-mailed out at or around 9AM or much later in the day? L2 and L3 candidates, any insight?

PASSED! SO HAPPY!!! :slight_smile:

I Passed as well, congrats!

Still can’t get through to the site … this is my personal hell

I got the email at like 9:01 am.

Passed. I swear this was the longest 24 hours I’ve ever wait for. My score is right at the 90th percentile. Woohoo congrats to the rest of you who passed.

I waited like 8 hours past that for L2 results last year. Others received them earlier. So it’s pretty floating. I guess technically it was “after 9:00AM”.

I cleared Level1, in the top 10 percentile :slight_smile:

Same as me. I was refreshing frantically up until the second that the e-mail slid into my inbox at exactly 9:00AM EST.

I had a good feeling coming out of the exam, but I started to lose a bit of confidence as the stress of waiting for exam results took over during the course of the summer. I was surprised how well I did - slightly above teh 90th percentile line.

Looking forward to level 2!

Nice, looks like a lot of us crossed the 90th percentile. I also scored above it.

I passed! First try lucky! I am so happy, seeing as I only had a month to study!

Congratulations to all who passed!

Good luck next year to people who did not pass

clinched round I, feeling so happy…congrats to everybody, we still have 3 weeks of summer to REALLY enjoy with out nightmares lol…better luck next time to those who didn’t pass , don’t give up .

I remember getting my Level 1 score in 2016. The old reports had no charts or percentiles for people who passed. They did have 10 bands for those who failed.

I passed and it really feels like I got the “ethics adjustment” lol

Passed just below 90th percentile overall. Gonna take another couple weeks to soak it in and then hit the books for level 2! Congrats to those who passed and my condolences to those that just missed the cut. I finished band 8 last year on my first attempt so dont give up!

I passed ! thanks to all who took the time and answered my questions

Congratulations, ROA!

Congratulations, cfageist!