Just wanted to wish everyone good luck on tuesday!!!..I was in band 9 last year so really hoping I pull through this year. I know how you all feel…my heart still pounds everytime I go to

good luck to you too. My guess is man beats cfa this year.

sweaty palms.

i have panic attacks. seriously. i’ll be minding my business. then all of a sudden, i think about failing and start freaking out. it happened to me on the 4th hole yesterday. i need this to be over.

Thanks for the good luck wishes too…what is your background cfasf1?

i work on an asset mgmt team as a trader… my role has been gradually shifting from execution to investment decision making in the last 2 yrs but a pass here would make the move more official… so passing this would be huge for me. and that is why i have panic attacks. what about you?

Used to work on a product team at an asset management firm but now working on a small cap team as a trader as well (probably same role)

I’m nervous…

I’m sure we all Passed! No reason to be nervous.

Good luck to all of you!! Perservation!!

Lets hope it’s another 2006.