Resume Advice

I have two quick questions about updating my resume. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 1. I am less than two years removed from my undergraduate degree, so I don’t have much work experience. Would it look better to have an Education section at the top (which would include being a CFA candidate) or still have work experience at the top? 2. As far as the CFA, I am only mentioning that I am a candidate in the program and have passed the Level 1 exam. Should I provide any additional information? Thanks

If you don’t have much work experience, education at the top is fine. I guess it depends on whether you feel your job is more impressive than your education or not. Put whatever you think is most impressive first. But don’t sweat that decision too much - it’s not likely to make a huge difference. However, the general rule I use is to keep as much of the impressive interesting stuff up toward the top of the resume as possible (once you have more experience, you can put it in a summary section). The idea is that everyone’s eyes glaze over as they go down the resume, so you want to give them the “juicy” stuff first, before they tune out. As for CFA, say you’re a Level II candidate if you have paid up for L2. Otherwise say that you passed L1.